Friday, July 16, 2010

How He's Grown

So the kitten has a name! His name is Kratos. He's gotten so big!

Here is Tiger and Psyclops playing with my purse Psy's head was in my strap but I didn't catch it in time.

Things are going well for them. They just about have all of their shots and we're getting rid of some sneezing. Nothing is coming out, the Doc thinks it may be part of an upper resp infection that was passed down to them. They are so crazy and so cute. Tiger especially loves to jump on your legs and attack your feet. Kratos is very loving and likes attention when he wants it. Psyclops is more of the quiet, shy one but will play when his brothers attack him.

The other cats in the house aren't gone yet so the kittens can't roam just yet. I'm afraid they're going to find places to hide and never want to come out. I almost want to keep them in my room (where they have plenty of running around and playing to do) so they don't get into anything or get lost. I guess that's what being a mom is all about right? Haha!

So that's my mini update. I really need to start remembering I have this blog so I can post more frequently :) Have a happy day!

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